Submission Checklist

To prevent problems arising in the process of printing your model and to speed along the submission process, we have compiled a handy checklist of things you should consider before sending your files to us:

Bad geometry can't be read by our printer
Does my model have good geometry?
Read our guide to help you with this here and here.

Is my model the correct size?
The maximum size for SLS parts is 24x19x30cm and for Objet is 50x40x20cm.

Is my file the correct format?
Our preferred file type is STL- this allows you to control the meshing process to ensure you are happy with the results. While we are able to convert most commonly used file types, it is best for you as the modeller to control the mesh creation.

Have I given my parts a sufficient thickness and tolerance?
All parts must have a thickness to print and must be at least 1mm to ensure mechanical strength and printability. Spaces between parts should be 1mm.

Have I left enough time?
(As a standard we operate a 3 day turnaround but if our build queue is particularly busy or your part very large this could increase. Make sure you leave plenty of time to avoid disappointment)


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